Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EclipseME setup and other common problems

Hey everyone, since so many people had problems getting EclipseME to work I'm posting a troubleshooter here.


Blogger Gerardo said...

You need to have Eclipse and the Motorola SDK installed for this to work.

Ok so 1st most common problem is that the emulator crashes (i.e. you get a Windows "program not responding" or similar dialogue box).

To solve this:

1st check to see which EclipseME version you're using. If its 1.2.3 then you should'nt have problems. To check your version open eclipse and click help on the top bar, click "about eclipse sdk", there click the button labeled "feature details" then you will find eclipse me under the feature name category if its not 1.2.3 then this is your problem.

-Short Solution (Involves completely deleting eclipse)

Go to your eclipse install folder, and delete the eclipse folder.

Go to your eclipse zip file or download one and unzip where ever you like.

Finally download and install the old eclipse me version.

-Long Solution(Involves deleting some files but not eclipse)

(If you used Short solution you do not need to do this go to the section below for eclipseme download and installation)

Go to Eclipse and click help. Click on software updates and select manage configuration. On the opened window select your install file and click on the "+" icon. Now click on the EclipseME folder and click on disable this feature in the right panel.

Now Close Eclipse and go to your eclipse install directory. Open the Eclipse folder, then open the Features folder and delete all files that contain eclipseme in their name. Go back to the eclipse folder and open the plugins folder. Delete the files containing eclipse me in their name.

Now download and install the old eclipse me version:

File Download and Installation
Finally Go to and go to the downloads section. This will take you to SourceForge. Onced in SourceForge scroll down untill you find the File release section and youll see links to download version 1.5 and others. Select version 1.2.3 and click the file to download it.

Once the download finishes go to eclipse and click on help. Click on software updates and click find and install. On the opened window select "install new features" and click "next".
Now click on the "new archived site" and browse for your downloaded zip file. Once you find it click ok and checkmark it. if you have any other sites you should uncheck them. Click next and follow the same procedure listed on the course website.

When eclipseME is installed you will need to restart your workspace. After doing so click on window -> preferences. Click on the J2ME "+" icon and select "Platform components" once there right click on wireless toolkits and select add a wireless toolkit. You will be taken to a window with a text box in it click browse and go to your motorola install folder(it should be C/->ProgramFiles->Motorola->MotorolaJ2ME SDK..->EmulatorM.3) and click ok. Click finish and you should be done!(Note! you must select the Emulator M.3 folder or it will not find the file)

9:27 PM  
Blogger Justin Holland said...

I'm running SDK 5.2.1 along with ME 1.2.3. Instead of crashing, I'm getting this error message when running helloworld: The declared package does not match the expected package. Any thoughts?

3:06 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Justin, the package that your file is in has to match the "package" line at the top of the class file. By default, eclipse will put classes into the "dafault" package which means no package name listed at the top of your source file. I'd recommend using pacakages though, so create a new package inside your project, put the .java file there and make sure the first line of the java file is 'package <package hierarchy>'

10:45 AM  
Blogger Justin Holland said...

Frank - Thanks, finally got it to work....

11:54 AM  
Blogger Daniel L. Campos said...

Has anyone had this error before?

Warning: could not open config file(C:\Program Files\Motorola\Motorola J2ME SDK v5.4.2 for Linux OS Products\EmulatorM.3\bin\C:\Program Files\Motorola\Motorola J2ME SDK v5.4.2 for Linux OS Products\EmulatorM.3\bin\resources\A780.props): storageOpen(): Unknown error, C:\Program Files\Motorola\Motorola J2ME SDK v5.4.2 for Linux OS Products\EmulatorM.3\bin\C:\Program Files\Motorola\Motorola J2ME

I don't know why the pathname is repeated. Can anyone help me?

1:44 AM  

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