Friday, February 17, 2006

SIM card update

For those who needed SIM cards, they are on their way to coming. After dealing with some corporate-ness (lots of phone calls and lots of form-filling-out), I managed to get 10 cards at a discounted rate without contract. They'll be shipping them to me early next week, and I hope to get them to all of you by Friday. They will be Cingular with no voice service and have 20MB/month of data. They are in a pooled plan, so some people can go over 20MB as long as some people don't use that much. The MB possibly roll over from month to month, but I'm not sure on this yet. Anyway, not totally ideal, but that should be sufficient for everything you guys need to do.

If any projects think they need much more data than that, let me know and I'll let you know the additional cost for adding significantly more data to the SIM. We need to figure out payment for these, but just budget $90 for the semester as we had mentioned earlier and Ed and I will figure out a way to get that money to the appropriate place at some point.


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