Friday, February 10, 2006

WAP Push

It seems you can send a special type of SMS message called WAP Push that acts as a service indicator and directs the recipient's phone to particular location. I did some looking around and found a bunch of services, mostly in the UK that will act as Internet->SMS gateways for a fee. We should try to get access to one of these gateways, or if anyone knows of free ones that we might be able to make use of in our projects (particularly ones that support WAP Push). Or perhaps Cingular and our other providers could provide direct usage of their own SMS gateways to our class?


Blogger Frank said...

We were looking into SMS gateways here as well. All the ones we found were services you had to pay for. Most carriers will let you send an SMS to an email address though, so for example is the address for any t-mobile subscriber. So doing this, you can just email an SMS from desktop java or windows or any other enviroment with email APIs.

I actually don't know much about WAP push, but would assume that you just need to follow a specific message format in your email/sms.

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