Thursday, February 23, 2006

RC Cars?

"The FCC today approved a set of accessories for Motorola that reveals plans to launch a set of remote controlled cars in cooperation with Nikko. Chances are Motorola will use this opportunity to further tie in Nextel's NASCAR sponsorship to iDen handsets. The approval was for a Zigbee dongle that can either plug into a traditional looking RC vehicle remote or into the accessory port of an iDen phone. Either the dual-joystick remote or a Java application on an iDen handset (specifically an i850), can then be used to control a Zigbee-enabled RC car. Each "Wireless Wheels" set will include a dongle, remote and car. This is not the first phone-controlled RC car. A few years ago, Sony Ericsson sold a Bluetooth car that could be controlled from any of their Bluetooth-enabled phones."

Wow, if our 780 model phones cost $600, I don't even want to think about how much a 850 model costs bundled with a remote controlled racecar!

I also found some more details on the company building the cellular MySpace product... here's their official press release with brief feature descriptions.


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