Sunday, February 26, 2006

NTT DoCoMo's "Interconnected World"

While doing some research for my latest project idea (cellphone pedometer*, instead of the restaurant locator/reviews idea I presented last week), I came across the website for NTT DoCoMo, "Japan's premier mobile communications company."

They have a section entitled "Interconnected World" in which they list mobile communication services that they have implemented, some of which Frank mentioned on the first day, like the barcode scanner and cellphone "credit card." These services are available only in Japan at the moment, at least from this company.

* Bodies in Motion just released a fully-loaded cellphone pedometer program two weeks ago (demo video here), available only on select Sprint/Nextel GPS phones. I'd like to come up with my own version, obviously much simpler than theirs, for the A780. (I have no programming experience other than a little C, so am currently just focusing on learning Java, heh.)


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