Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Location Data, Law Enforcement, and Privacy

I just came across an editorial discussing some of the things we were talking about in class last night. It's an interesting read because the author asserts that some law enforcement agencies are sidestepping both the letter and the spirit of CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act -- the same act being scrutinized in the current wiretapping debate) by requesting cell phone location data. From the article:
Consider the implications. If you voluntarily transmit your exact GPS-derived location to a cellular provider--so you can get information returned about nearby restaurants or driving directions--the Justice Department apparently believes that your location should be available without a warrant.


Blogger Matt Adkisson said...

I found this article pretty interesting...

I guess high speed car chases are really dangerous to the public, so instead they want to shoot a GPS tracker at the out of control car and then follow it until it runs out of gas.

StarChase is the company that makes them:

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Blogger Matt Adkisson said...

Linked article

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