Sunday, February 12, 2006

Interactive Mobile Pet/Character

Brad and I had an idea about a Tamagotchi like application. Our pet would be more advanced than a Tamagotchi, though. We were thinking about a character that several people could manage at the same time. The data would be stored on a server and could be retrieved by SMS or GPRS. In combination with the bluetooth interface there could be some interesting interactive elements like pets getting the flu or falling in love with other users' pets. Then you would have to go to a pharmacy (GPS controlled) to get some medecine :-)

We have also been thinking about a role playing game element. Instead of a pet you could play with a wizard or knight. Then you could develop a game enviornment in a city: game masters design riddles that have to be solved by a group of people at a certain location in town (in the dungeons of Filene's Basement, for example). Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to use GPS indoors. But I haven't tried it with the A780 yet.


Blogger Gerardo said...

Hi I'm really interested in the Virtual Pet idea. If anyone is seriously thinking about doing it I would like to team up.

If not, I need a team and I'm really interested in creating some type of game which takes advantage of the phone's features to interact with it.
So if anyones interested in teaming up...

8:02 PM  
Blogger philipp reist said...

can you send me an email gerardo? let's talk about teaming up! reistp at

12:47 PM  

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